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Financial Data

2023 (M euros) 2022 (M euros)
EBITDA 143 120
Net Profit 294 96
Net Profit from recurring business operations 145 107
Long-term Loans 255 240
Total Assets 1 462 1 107
Equity 822 569
Cash and Cash Equivalents 87 60

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Rational investment decisions

Long-term investment strategy.

Investing in ventures that add value and support synergies among investments.

An active investor who participates in the decision-making process and takes responsibility.

Strong team

A reliable, open, and determined team is the key to long-term success.

Leadership with broad experience and knowledge to discover new value-adding investments.

Unique platform

A distributed and internationally diversified portfolio with high entry barriers.

Access to high-volume investment opportunities in the nearby region.

Value growth

The goal is to achieve stable and above-average investment value growth.

A strong asset base lays the foundation for stable and diversified cash flow.