The biggest investment company in Estonia

The Pärnu bridge is being built by companies of the Infortar group

The Pärnu city government signed a design and construction contract for the construction of a new bridge in Pärnu worth 26.7 million euros with the engineering and construction companies INF Infra OÜ and AS EG Ehitus, which won the state tender.

"Today is definitely a historic moment. For decades, there has been talk of building a new bridge over the Pärnu River, and for the past five years we have been intensively working on finding solutions to several problems - the selection of the bridge's location, detailed planning, construction procurement, financing of the bridge," said Romek Kosenkranius, the Mayor of Pärnu.

"We understand the importance of the new bridge and will make the maximum contribution to the success of the project. Besides shipping and energy, Infortar has also become one of the largest real estate and mineral resources and the fastest growing engineering construction company, we have put together a very experienced team to build bridges and infrastructure objects," said Ain Hanschmidt, chairman of the board of Infortar.

"We use innovative solutions and technologies in the, which allow the people and the city of Pärnu to significantly save time and money, and ultimately get the bridge completed earlier and at a more affordable price. Innovative construction technology helps to reduce construction cost, completion time and environmental impact," said Robert Sinikas, board member of INF Infra OÜ.

INF Infra received maximum points for the Pärnu bridge tender: their offer was the cheapest and the construction time was the fastest. The price offered by INF Infra was 26,666,665 euros including VAT and the construction time is 22 months.

The new bridge in Pärnu will be the longest bridge in Estonia, with a span of 140 meters. It will also be the longest net arch bridge in the Baltics and Finland. The authors of the bridge are engineers Andreas Papp and Dmitri Gorbatjuk from Stricto Projekt OÜ.


Infortar plans to go public

Infortar, major owner of Eesti Gaas and Tallink, being Estonia's largest investment company with more than one billion euros in assets and operating in energy, shipping and real estate, aims to go public in the near future.

"Infortar has grown so big that the next logical step is to be listed and public. Expanding our investor base and joining the stock exchange gives us the opportunity to grow even faster internationally, to increase the value of our assets and to find additional financing opportunities," said Ain Hanschmidt, Chairman of the Management Board at Infortar. 

"Our investment portfolio is diverse and cross-border, the lion's share of the group's income comes from foreign markets. The energy, shipping and real estate companies in which Infortar participates have proven themselves in crises and have great growth potential - we plan to continue investing in energy and real estate projects, while Tallink has its own decision-making processes and an investment plan independent of us," Hanschmidt said.

"The goal of going public has been set, the advisers have been chosen and the initial preparations have been made, but the more precise time frame depends on what is happening around us - no one can see behind the curvature of the earth after all. We are investors ourselves and we want to offer other investors a unique value share, meaning dividend security, real success and assets, not only in the future but also today," Hanschmidt said.