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The most important social impact of Infortar is the relationship between the group as the employer and the employees of the companies in the group, which is based on mutual trust, fairness, and dedication. The HR principles of Infortar Grupp rely on the following: a caring attitude towards its employees; appreciation for its people and mutual respect; a high work culture; purposeful, reliable, and loyal professional relationships; equal treatment; and good social behaviour. When recruiting employees, we look at a candidate’s diligence, intelligence, reliability, professional training, and openness to technological development.

We contribute to the personal development of our employees – by providing additional professional training, we support the acquisition of new knowledge. Our salary policies are based on the inherent responsibility of a position, work results, competence, and the efficiency of the employee. When developing the working environment for our employees, we are guided by the principle of wanting our employees to enjoy working here. We value long-term employment relationships and a healthy work-life balance, and fully support parents. We guarantee excellent opportunities for our employees for taking care of and supporting health and improving fitness levels.

Assessment and Management of Occupational Safety Risks

As developers of infrastructure and real estate as well as operators of commercial buildings where employees work and which clients use and visit every day, we must guarantee the safety and security of these buildings. This means constant internal monitoring and compliance with safety principles in all activities related to the buildings and infrastructure. We comply with all design, construction, and safety requirements when developing infrastructure and real estate. We cooperate only with competent and reliable construction companies and their subcontractors and use high-quality construction materials and working methods. As managers of the buildings, we monitor that the general order of real estate and its surroundings would not pose a hazard to people.

We support a wider social responsibility and a more cohesive society, and therefore, we contribute to the development of sports facilities (Tallink Tennis Centre) and support the opinion contest ‘Edukas Eesti’ (Successful Estonia) of Äripäev.


We follow the due diligence process when analysing aspects of sustainability (sustainability analysis before acquiring new companies). In 2022, we are going to evaluate and map the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions of the companies in the group.

We invest in companies which work on alleviating climate effects – among all else, in infrastructure, machinery, equipment, cars, trucks, etc.

AS Infortar 2023 ESG report


Compliance with human rights

When it comes to the companies in our group and investing in new businesses, we comply with all important human rights agreements of the UN: the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (including the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work), ILO’s core conventions, and the UN International Bill of Human Rights.

Business ethics and compliance with legislation

When making long-term strategic management decisions, we always consider the possible environmental effects. The management of the daily business activities of the company is based on the constant proper compliance with the relevant requirements, legislative acts, legislative context, and other pertinent regulatory aspects.

Whenever our business activities require energy and result in the generation of waste, we comply with the requirements for the energy efficiency and waste management of the structures and buildings under construction as well as other important requirements regarding environmental impact.

We are continuously looking for new opportunities for making investment decisions and promoting business activities that are more in line with the climate objectives resulting from the green transition policies and the growing expectations of the public.