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Infortar development manager Imre Mürk.

Sustainable Infortar

Infortar has always prioritized people, resources, and environmental protection. A thorough evaluation of investment objectives requires a rigorous analysis of these components because all three elements affect the results of a company directly.

We are living in the age of the green transition – the goal of making the economic space of all of Europe, including Estonia, climate neutral by 2050 is, without a doubt, the biggest political decision of our time, and one that affects all of Europe, changing all structures of society: governance, entrepreneurship, scientific and technological progress, etc. Consequently, with each passing day, we at Infortar are more aware that, as an international investment group, it is becoming increasingly important for us to better understand the major political and societal changes brought about by the green transition that are shaping the businessenvironment, and to respond to it adequately and in a timely manner in our business choices as a company.

In the interests of the development of our company, it is increasingly important to better measure and understand how the business activities of our group’s companies affect the surrounding physical livingenvironment, its diversity and sustainability, and relate to the green transition policy choices of society.

The green transition, or rather adapting to it, has become a critically important strategic challenge for Infortar.

Infortar Group’s 2023 Sustainability Report

Imre Mürk
Development Manager