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Infortar AS tegevjuht Martti Talgre.

Who Are We?

The mission of Infortar is to build well-functioning companies that hold strong market positions to contribute to the development of the Estonian economy. Our long-term goal is to achieve a stable increase in the value of the company that exceeds average growth.

Our investment choices are based on long-term socio-economic trends and we try to make decisions which help create synergy between companies belonging to the same group. Our unique competence in managing large investments enables us to invest actively, participate in decision-making processes, and assume the responsibilities that it brings.

The Infortar group includes 48 subsidiaries and we have invested in five additional associates, which, in turn, have 50 subsidiaries. Although we mainly invest in energy, shipping and real estate, the list of companies operating in other sectors is gratifyingly diverse.

We have adhered to several principles on this exciting journey. First, we believe that excellent business results can be achieved largely through technological innovation and innovative management. Good business can only be built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding both on an individual and an organisational level. We keep an open mind to new ideas and everything unconventional. We value cooperation with our partners and within our company; our team offers equal opportunities to all and a good environment for growth, creativity, and personal fulfilment. Determination is the most important cornerstone of our success.

I hope with all my heart that all of these principles help create a pleasant, exciting, and high-quality consumptive use value for the clients of the companies we own.

Martti Talgre
Managing Director