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Cornerstone ceremony of Liivalaia 9 office building

On August 23, the cornerstone of a new office building was laid on Liivalaia street, the nine-story commercial building will be completed in one of Tallinn's busy areas already in the spring of next year.

"We are bringing our investments, i.e. subsidiaries from the city, together in one building, at the same time we will significantly increase the value of our real estate portfolio and assets, and the city will also get a nice building." Real estate is the third important field for us, next to shipping and energy, in which we see significant growth in the coming years, this week it is already the second cornerstone for us - on Monday we started the second phase of the Hiiu health campus," said Ain Hanschmidt, chairman of the board of Infortar.

Chief construction worker Inf Ehitus board member Ahto Aruväli said that in today's unpredictable situation, the prerequisite for success is the existence of trust and support between the client, the architect and the builder. "In this case, it is still a demanding object and quite a challenge for the builder, especially due to the complex location and the smallness of the plot - all this requires good planning, a professional team and the ability to be flexible when necessary," said Aruväli.

According to Indrek Tiigi, the architect of the office building and chairman of the board of Allianss Arhitektid, the high-rise building will have a minimalist formal language, and it will offer good views of the whole of Tallinn. "The building has been designed with a good working environment as a priority - the workspaces have been created with exemplary access to natural light and panoramic views. We envisioned a big change in the solution of Süda street, where we will build a boulevard in the front part of the building," said Tiigi.

The closed gross area of ​​the nine-story building at Liivalaia 9, one of Tallinn's busiest streets, is 7,500 m2. The building will be energy efficient and will be equipped with modern and healthy indoor climate systems. The facade is covered with anodized aluminum and perforated aluminum lamellas providing additional sun protection. A bicycle storage facility will be located in the building to promote healthy modes of movement and carbon-neutral transport.