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Cornerstone of the new bridge in Pärnu

Mayor of Pärnu, Romek Kosenkranius and CEO of Infortar, Ain Hanschmidt laid the cornerstone for one of Estonia's largest infrastructure objects, the new bridge in Pärnu. The bridge with the longest span in Estonia, which will be completed by the summer in two years with new construction technology, will cost 26.7 million euros, including connecting roads, the investment will reach 40 million euros.

"The residents of Pärnu have been dreaming of a new bridge for years, and a year ago many assumed that this dream would never come true for Pärnu. However, this spring, the Pärnu city government signed a contract with the companies INF Infra OÜ and AS EG Ehitus, which belong to the Infortar group, and in the summer the picture has changed drastically in the construction industry on both shores. Apparently, no one doubts anymore that Pärnu will get a new, state-of-the-art arch bridge. The city's good cooperation with the builders and the pace of construction leave no room for doubt, the pillars of the new bridge can already be seen on the water, and the symbolic cornerstone of the bridge was also laid today. Of course, the bridge construction contract was preceded by a long and complicated preparatory work," said mayor of Pärnu, Romek Kosenkranius.

According to Ain Hanschmidt, the effect of the new bridge is manifold - citizens of Pärnu can move more easily and save time, builders can use new technological techniques and develop construction activities, and the region and economy as a whole will gain momentum.

"With this project, the city of Pärnu shows an example of how to revive the economy in the face of economic recession - investments in infrastructure increase the attractiveness of the region and bring multiple returns," said Ain Hanschmidt.

The new bridge in Pärnu will be the longest bridge in Estonia, with a span of 140 meters, and also the longest reticulated arch bridge in the Baltics and Finland.