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LNG terminal in Paldiski is completed

Alexela and Infortar completed the construction of the Paldiski LNG terminal mooring point on 28 October, few days earlier than the promised deadline, the port is now ready to start navigation and receive LNG carriers.
The world record has been achieved and the promise made in the spring has been fulfilled - as far as we know, no one has built an LNG terminal anywhere in the world only in 6 months. We would like to thank all - more than 200 people who, from spring to today, have been working towards this goal.
What's next you ask. Right now we kindly ask you to salute all the people involved for the incredible accomplishment. Also before making any next decisions, we want to make sure that the gas equipment by Estonia's gas and electricity transmission system operator will be installed so the gas reception capacity will be established in Paldiski LNG terminal by the end of this November.